Accolades & Awards 

We have received many industry accolades, awards and certifications, but what our clients have to say about us is what really counts. 


Great company, finished ahead of schedule, very professional, would recommend.

- Mark Eberly, Meridian, ID


After yet another run around from other businesses in town, Mark contacted Sight & Sound to add on to an existing system. Sight & Sound gave Mark a detailed quote, performed the work and even finished ahead of schedule. Mark is extremely happy with the level of professionalism and quality of work Sight & Sound displayed. 


Thank you Sight & Sound for installing the necessary equipment needed to make our campus complete.

- Brian, George Fox University, Boise, ID


Brian called Sight & Sound to have us prepare his commercial building for an audio/video installation. This particular job included a precise roof penetration for satellite TV. Upon completion Brian called Sight & Sound thanking us for a job well done.


Sight & Sound is great. Every time I have needed to get a job done over the years, they have always been there.

- WRGANN Company, Boise, ID


Walt, of WR Gann Company is not only a custom home builder in Idaho, but also a client. Walt found out about Sight and Sound from a mutual client.  He and the clients liked what Sight & Sound did and decided they were the Company he wanted to partner with. 



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