House Music

Music in the home can sooth the savage beast and can make a party unforgettable. Music can be simultaneously listened to in every room, as well as outside the house.  Multi-zone systems allow Mom to listen to some relaxing music in the Great Room, while Dad is listening to the latest talk radio, and the kids are rockin' out on the back patio. Speakers can be flush-mounted in the wall or ceiling, and some speakers are completely invisible so they don't interfere with interior design. Accessing your music can be done by a portable device or a touch-panel on the wall. Making your iTunes music available in any room of the house or listening to Internet Radio like Pandora and Rhapsody is our specialty. Take a look at the pictures paying close attention to pictures displaying invisible speakers.  Then give us a call.i


make your house a home with whole-house music
Control Systems: Control4, Elan, Keydigital, Netstreams
Wall & Ceiling Speakers: KEF, TruAudio, Klipsch, Episode and more
Invisible Speakers: Stealth Acoustics
Rock Speakers: Rockustics
Outdoor box speakers:  Klipsch, TruAudio, Episode and more